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Are you sure that you're in the right place?

If you need;

--- A powerful marketing and representation office in Turkey who applies the 360 degree marketing strategies well.

--- A company who knows tourism industry as a tourism professional and knows public relations as a media professional...


Yes, our job is "Only Travel Marketing", we never do the different one...

 Tourism Board Representation

 Travel Agency Representation

 Airline Representation

 Hotel Chain Representation

 Business Travel Marketing

 Tourism & Travel Marketing

 Hotel & Resort Marketing

 Restaurant & Cafe Chain Marketing

 Destination Marketing

 Cruise Marketing

 Tour Operator Marketing

 Airline Marketing

 Luxury Travel Marketing

 Tailor Made Travel Marketing 




1 - Perfect knowledge of tourism industry & tourism terminology.

2 - Excellent know-how about travel marketing.

3 - Understanding your needs better than any other PR agency regarding our tourism marketing experience since 1993.

4 - Best contacts in tourism sector. (Tour Operators, Airlines & Hotels managerial staff & owners.)

5 - Good contacts in media who write articles about tourism.

6 - Know-How of Turkish travel market needs.

7 - Knowledge of what really working for tourism marketing & PR.

8 - Small company but fast reacting & focused for solution.

9 - Work as an inhouse unit to achieve our targets.

10 - Professional, credible and hardworking.


"We speak 2 languages...
        Travel & Marketing."
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