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About Us



Our approach

Our approach when our client needs any support that we should do more than their expectation. We love our job as a passion and we've good connections, enthusiastic and proactive behaviour. 

"We speak 2 languages! Travel & Marketing" that's why our company is "Only Travel Marketing".


Our team

We're a small company but we make fast reacting and work for focusing solution. Our team is gonna be always easy to reach when you need us.  We're gonna be work as your company's inhouse professional. We do Travel PR, Marketing and Representation services with our many years experience with that job.


Mr.Sarp Ozkar is a tourism professional who has been working for tourism industry since 1993. He knows all the rules of sector and well known about tourism terminology. He has been worked as a Tour Guide, Sales, Operation, Marketing, Event organisation, ingoing, outbound, FIT professional. Certainly he was manage the departments of Sales, Operations also Marketing for many years. For 12 years, he was the company face in media of Turkey's No:1 Tour Operator Prontotour. And was managing the Marketing department in the same company.

He's been writing many Travel articles in his column from 3 years, located most visited website in Turkey named's travel section. He's the member of Association of Travel Writers & Journalist and has a Press Card from that association.


Mrs. Serra ZOROGLU has been worked in Public Relations & Organization companies since 1997. She's very good at about Public Relations and good organization skills. For many years working that job, certainly she has many journalist friends and she knows what the journalist wanna have about news.  


We do our job what we know best, it's also our passion...




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